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  1. Blue-Crescent 18wk 6d ago

    Hello my brother. How are you? It sure has been a very long time.
    How are you? Are you still active in Facebook?

  2. moritz 27wk 3d ago

    Quote by dchoggia14 sweet scan. thanks for sharing ((:

    You're welcome

  3. dchoggia14 27wk 3d ago

    7 years old account. wow

  4. Blue-Crescent Jun 10, 2016

    Quote by dchoggia14

    Quote by Blue-Crescent Hello brother! *hugs tightly*

    Glad you are back in MT now. I am really happy.
    How have you been doing all this time? Hope you are doing great as usual. :)

    Blue ^_^

    hello blue. not really great unfortunately, i got insonia again T__T. but no worries, my business running again! it shouod be generating money in 2 weeks :D. wish me luck ^^

    it seems i just over thingking about everything :p

    Hello brother!
    I am really happy that you are back! Seems by chances, the circumstances won't really make me leave MT since some of my good friend are coming back like you.

    I see. I am really sorry to hear about that dear brother. But I do hope things will be well for you soon. Also, have you tried a glass of milk before sleeping. It does helps, but after the Ramadan of course. ^^
    Well, I do wish you all the best of luck in the world for your business, brother!

    Oh! I seem to overthink a lot too but at least, lessen yours since you have been handling studies and business at the same time.

    Also, i wish you more blessings this Ramadan, same goes as your family.




  5. Blue-Crescent May 30, 2016

    Hello brother! *hugs tightly*

    Glad you are back in MT now. I am really happy.
    How have you been doing all this time? Hope you are doing great as usual. :)

    Blue ^_^

  6. Blue-Crescent Jan 27, 2016

    Quote by dchoggia14

    Quote by Blue-Crescent http://static.tumblr.com/ueaokhl/my9lu2yr3/blue_snowflakes_and_merry_christmas.png

    merry christmas too blue. sorry i didnt much online

    That's fine dear bro. As long as you are active on that other site. It would be enough. Have a great 2016 okay! ^^

  7. Blue-Crescent Dec 26, 2015


  8. Blue-Crescent Feb 14, 2015

    Have a great one my brother!


  9. Blue-Crescent Jan 02, 2015


  10. Blue-Crescent Dec 25, 2014


  11. Dancerinthedark Oct 24, 2014

    well hello there! thank you for dropping by :)
    well yes my country's condition is not that good
    but oh well it is my last year in high school so I must do my best :)
    how r u ?

  12. wafflefox Oct 04, 2014

    Quote by dchoggia14 hmm. fma author combined with current kyoani style. wondering how this will turn out :)


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